Member of Hellhounds


A living legend, with extraordinary and frightening powers. His reputation is wide. When people meet him, they realize that whatever tales they heard had underestimated him. He stands about 6’ 6" with blond hair and blue eyes. He mostly wears the crimson armor of the Sea Lord’s guard.


The legends of Tempus must be exaggerated. There are stories of his involvement in nearly every war fought for the past three centuries. Most people believe that as a devoted follower of Bane the church “recreates” another Tempus whenever one is lost to battle or age. The one currently serving the Sea Lord has been in Sanctuary for the past five years. In that time, stories of him slaying an eye tyrant in the Avenue of Temples and stopping a devil horde summoned to assassinate Drac keep most folk in Sanctuary from even meeting his gaze.


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